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Aq di tag..
Tag by Aisyah ..thank dear for the tag.. Walaupom sekarang aq amat letih sebab x cukup tido.. selepas ni nak rehat kat badan.. =)

##Question from Aisyah :
  • Your full name ? // Angelina jolie! opss!! not my name.. my full name is Fatin Syairah Bt Zuraimi. ^_^
  • How Old are You // how long it what you want!.
  • Got twitter // There ..this is : tweet2.
  • Do you active on twitter // rarely or not at all active in twitter is boring and very quiet when i'm active on twitter page.:/
  • kpoperx ? // Yeahh!!
  • favourite food ? // Masakan air tangan seorang ibu.. ia tidak boleh dipertikaikan lagi kn ?
  • favourite drink ? // Whatevaa!! asal kn dapat minum bila dahaga.. :)
  • favourite song ? // k-pop, R&B,Rock, and so i can listen to when i was BAD MOOD. :(
  • favourite show // semua la.. yg boleh mbuat hati sy gembira :O
  • favourite color? //white and black.. act,pink is just only hobby from me.. =D
  • What do you think about my blog ? // I think your blog are beautiful and simple blog..if you mix pink and gray color is more beautiful.. =)

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