Strangeness and charm

Far far away
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Assalamualaikum all , untuk ucapan yang pertama, Salam Maulidur Rasul untuk umat islam seluruh dunia.. kita kena ingat hari jadi Nadi Muhammad s.a.w kita, bukan setakat duk hafal birthday crush shj ok :)
"Far Far Away" itu lah tajuk yang aku berikan untuk post aku kali ni, sekian lama aku tak update story, tapi petnag yang indah lagi sunyi ini aku akan ceritakan segala-segalanya tentang apa-apa yang aku nak cerita laa *LOL ..

Result dah nak kuar, hurm! balik sekolah selalu duk fikirkan result, tapi aku sure sbb aku tak tggl pom tempat kosong dalam paper exam hari tu, sume aku buat walaupom aku tak tahu benda tu betol ke tak betol.. btw cikgu ade cakap.. tak semestinya benda yang kita tulis tak sume nye salah, so , aku pegang kata-kata cikgu aku tu.. so , aku minta sgt result aku kali ni lebih 3.00 pointer.. i don't want repeat paper :( .. bila aku ingat result aku selalu ingat solat jangan bagi tinggal satu waktu pun .. Bila kita tak tinggal solat Allah selalu ada disisi kita kan .. so, My Allah My Love My Everything .. 

My ambition is to become a geographer, I'm interested in geography from another form 1 .. but when the incoming class of form 6, I do not understand what the teacher taught voice teacher because too slowly like a whisper .. so, this factor is not a student .. I have to study hard, but not hard and smart but learning ..I need a passion to learn, open spirit of friends and facebook or twitter open every heart .. I have the spirit that is within me, I do not need nobody help me, but to learn who knows ..!! perg..!! however, "I will pursue my ambition"

MUET !! bulan july ni aku ade satu exam terlalu besar bagi aku .. aku sgt minat subjek muet ..but i have no interest in this kind of friend like me, it is really difficult, but if this MUET us a little bit more effort it will big great results .. for additional classes MUET may I not afford to bid, because their fees so expensive .. MUET is enough to learn a subject in school is only  ... I now this principle is "always hold open the dictionary every day".. there may be times I dreaming too much, but maybe it's not to blame for inspiration in my life needed or not other people .. .

Yuna & Hana Tajima is an inspiration for me, the two of them really great though veiled but that is their style that I admire so long.. Yuna : at the start I knew her in several magazines by their last know and now I do not expect it to be a model yuna canon .. I like the picture very unique kind Yuna .. "Setiap Gambar Ada Lagunya" .... Hana Tajima : I know women even though his new career by their youtube ..I love to see the style of a veiled Muslim and rugged, it makes me want to be like her .. love very early look at how the application of both :)

so, that's all for this time .. bye - bye 


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