Strangeness and charm

Hari sabtu
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Assalamualaikum muslimin and muslimat ..
Indeed this day saturday, Saturday makes me most afraid of going to school for tomorrow, why be afraid, afraid because lazy .. right to like that? wake up very early for me to start my activities as a student .. the early morning, my mom told me I'm calling because I had promised wake up with close friends want to learn public library .. so, I wake up only one even though I know who I am this is definitely slacker .. *Like hahahaha LOL* ..After bathing, the all, I start a motorcycle ride to take my friends at home .. after she got home .We continue with a trip to the public library near the town ..I took it, we got what we aim for it, wait about other friends, because we made Thursday to find material but unfortunately many do not come in the morning, I'm so upset, even if I know I do not want to come .. *Like ahak ahak versi II* ..
when I was near there, a few minutes is a classmate came,my friends who were waiting for another two people, the reason for the agreement want to go shopping near the public library .. so, I just wait for my friend who is busy with the work that.. After that, but they did already come, after completion of the work of learning, we were off to the mall.. once out of the public library, I came across my enemy in the class *perempuan yang berlagak anak datuk bagai* ... so bla bla blaa ..

be continue * nak tegok citer chin chan* bye

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